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Spring is around the corner!

It’s that time of the year again, when days are finally getting longer, daylight is changing and temperatures are rising. Spring is around the corner! The snow is melting, skiing tracks slowly disappear and tourists leave and just come back in summer again, the Antholz valley and its surroundings turn quiet again.

But with the snow melting, higher paths and trails are released again, and we can finally go back on hours-long walks and bike-rides in our beloved mountains. There’s nothing more beautiful than seeing nature awaken up here in mountains! If tourists only knew what they miss in spring.

Little Tibet

Like every morning I drove my car from Oberrasen to Antholz.  After two days of heavy rain today we woke up to this scenery. Travelers sometimes call our valley “little Tibet” – here you can see why! And while I was driving, the radio started playing Jack Johnson’s “Upside down”.

“(…) I’ll share this love I find with everyone
We’ll sing and dance to Mother Nature’s songs
I don’t want this feeling to go away. (…)
– Jack Johnson

Can you think of a better start into your day? 🙂